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Frequently Asked Questions

How can we help? 

We are there for the people of Monroe County whenever they've suffered physical, emotional, or financial injury, loss or damages. Personal injury attorneys, like us, represent clients when the harm results from mere carelessness or willful misconduct of others.

As an experienced Monroe County personal injury lawyer, we know how to navigate the local system, how to get you the best possible settlement or how to bring your case to trial. The Solomon Firm will provide support, preserve evidence, and surface the right experts to testify for you at trial. While no attorney can guarantee results, The Solomon Firm is a well experienced Monroe County personal injury law firm with a track record of good results. We'll be there at your side and we know how to get you the justice you deserve.

Is a lawsuit the right solution for me? 

The law is confusing and frustrating. Issues that initially seem clear, can quickly become complicated. That's why you need a local lawyer on your side. Only an experienced Monroe County attorney can know all the steps necessary to recover adequate damages for your injury in this unique area of our state. Usually, we can promptly give you at least a rough evaluation of your case. Being a local personal injury law firm, we can and will navigate your case through difficult legal maze to reach a fair and reasonable result.

I have a lot of medical bills to pay. How much will I get from a lawsuit? 

Building blocks to the right answer are: (1) liability (2) damages and (3) resource.

Here's what I mean:

Liability: who is legally at fault? We launch a thorough investigation of your case. Sometimes we find that more than one party is to blame. This is often the case.

Damages: how badly is the victim hurt; what are his or her medical expenses; is there a continuing pattern of medical treatment by accredited medical providers; and are his or her injuries permanent? We carefully read all treatment records and often meet personally with treating physicians to discuss the nature and extent of one's injury, the lasting disability and future medical care that may be required.

Resource: who will pay? We look for every possible source of insurance that may be available. Sometimes, multiple levels of insurance are in play. We also investigate the person or company that caused harm to determine if they could independently compensate the loss.

Through an experienced evaluation of liability, damages and resources, we can fairly approximate the value of your case. We then speak directly with you about our options in light of your own expectations and needs. Our goal is to get you out of the hole and leave you with as much cash as possible from your injury ordeal.

Can I afford a Personal Injury Attorney? 

Yes, you can.

Explaining your case to us is free. We do not charge an hourly fee. We do not work on retainer. In fact, we don't charge our clients anything unless and until we succeed in collecting money damages for you. This type of arrangement is called a "Contingency Fee Agreement" and, although despised by insurers and big business, this fee arrangement is essential in granting access to justice for all. We advance the expenses required to prepare your case. We do not ask you for any money in advance. When your case is over, the attorney's fees are deducted per our agreement and the advanced costs are reimbursed to us from the proceeds of your recovery. The bottom line is that we don't get paid unless you get paid.

This Contingent Fee Arrangement puts a qualified attorney within reach of everyone. It affords compensation based on the quality of the result and assures you that a quick and complete recovery is also in your lawyer's best interest.

Do you charge for our first meeting to discuss my case?

No. Consultation is free.

What rights do I have if my family member is hurt? 

The injury victim may bring a claim for damages against the party at fault. Parents, for example, may prosecute injury claims on behalf of their children. Family members (or others) may bring legal actions on behalf of disabled or incompetent loved ones through a guardianship, under the court's supervision. We have considerable experience with these type of cases.

When tragedy strikes, we can help.  

If my family member was killed, can I sue? 


Usually, the parents, spouse, child, acting as personal representative, or the estate of the person who was wrongfully taken may bring an action for wrongful death. If the case involves a child bringing a Monroe County claim for wrongful death of his or her parents, the court will likely require the appointment of a legal guardian (guardian ad litem) to oversee the proceedings. Speaking to an experienced local injury lawyer will help you sort through these issues and set the right course in these difficult times.

What is the time limit on filing personal injury claims in Florida?

Florida's Statute of Limitations requires that personal injury actions must be filed within strictly specified time limits. There are important and subtle exceptions to this rule. For instance, the law grants more time for filing an auto case than it does in the case of medical malpractice. When a personal injury claim involves an injury that develops over period of time, such as an occupational injury, or when an injury is not immediately discovered, it is possible that the normal limitation period may be extended. Moreover, claims for professional negligence and claims against governmental entities (cities, counties, special tax districts, State of Florida and others) are subject to specific notice provisions and filing deadlines that must be strictly observed.

As one can see, the law in this area is extremely complicated. You need legal advice fitted to your particular circumstances.

It is imperative that you consult a qualified injury lawyer well in advance of any legal time limit so you do not lose your right to sue. Missing one deadline or overlooking one step in the process can be fatal to your getting the justice your case deserves. You can easily find yourself out of court and out of luck. The Solomon Firm understands these technicalities and will bring your case in a timely and efficient manner.

Should I settle or bring my case to trial? 

There is no general rule and no right answer to suit every circumstance. Regardless of the option that you and your lawyer may choose, the key to either approach is in the hard work and careful preparation of your case.

Here's the truth. Regardless of what you see on TV, insurance companies are not the accident victim's friend. They can and will do any and everything to prevent you from realizing a fair and honorable resolution of your injury claim. Trials are becoming less and less common. Nearly 80% of all cases are settled before reaching a jury. Mediated resolutions are attainable if the injured victim and attorney demonstrate an ability and a willingness to go through trial. A fair settlement is advantageous because it offers a quicker and more certain outcome than protracted litigation.

There are times, however, when offers from insurers are simply not realistic. There may be other considerations as well that make going to court the better option for you. In those instances, The Solomon Firm will vigorously litigate your case in state or federal court.

Our goal, is to balance your interest in receiving the maximum recovery and seeing the case through quickly, and fairly with the least interruption to your life.

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